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Welcome to the WEBSITE

of the

Transportation Science Society of the Philippines


     The Transportation Science Society of the Philippines (TSSP) is an   exclusive organization of experts in various fields of transportation. It has   been formed because existing professional associations cover specific   disciplines and do not address the multi-disciplinary nature of   transportation. Interactions between and among transportation experts of   different backgrounds and specializations will allow a comprehensive   approach to transportation planning, policy, formulation, design and   implementation.

Congratulations to our new set of officers and board members for FY2010-2011:

      Newly Elected Officers
      President : Cris Diaz.
      Vice-President : Ric Sigua
      Treasurer : Marites Tuazon
      Secretary : Alex Fillone
      Board of Members:
       Jun Castro
       Cora Cruz
       Egay Dona
       Seng Felias
       Nat Fernandez
       Tho Lidasan
       Willy Trinidad

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