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Transportation Science Society of the Philippines


22nd Annual Conference of the TSSP

Conference Theme:
Resilient Transportation Systems for Smarter Mobility

Date: September 12, 2014 (Friday)
Venue (Tentative): Diversion 21 Hotel, Iloilo City, Philippines

(To Be Announced Soon!)


20th Founding Anniversary Celebration and the 21st Annual Conference of the
Transportation Science Society of the Philippines

Conference Theme:
Preparing the Transportation Infrastructures for a Resurgent and Smarter Philippines

9 August 2013
Marco Polo Hotel, Cebu City

     Time               Program of Activities

     8:00-8:30        Registration
     8:30-9:45        Opening Ceremony

                            Welcome Address by Hon. Michael Rama, Mayor, Cebu City
                            Opening Remarks by Dr. Hussein Lidasan, TSSP President
                            Introduction of the Keynote Speaker by Dr. Francis Aldrine Uy, MIT
                            Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rey Vea, President, MIT
                            Introduction of the Keynote Presenter, Dr. Danielle Guillen
                            Keynote Presentation: Dr. Haruo Ishida, Professor, Tsukuba University

                            Unveiling of Posters in line with the TSSP Theme
                            by Engr. George Esguerra, former ASec., DOTC and TSSP Past President

     9:45-10:00      Coffee Break
     10:00-12:00    Panel Discussion

                            Invited Panelists:
                            Dr. Primitivo Cal, former USec. DOTC, Past EASTS and TSSP President
                            Dr. Rey Vea, President, MIT
                            Mr. Cesar Valbuena, TSSP Past President
                            Dr. Shizuo Iwata, Director, ALMEC Corp.
                            Dr. Ruben Reinoso Jr., ADG, NEDA

                            Moderator: Mr. Rene Santiago, TSSP Past President

     12:00-13:30    Lunch Break and Annual Election
     13:30-15:30    Parallel Sessions A and B
                            Session A: Transportation Planning and Management
                                               Chair: Dr. Jun Castro

                            Effects of Public Transport Services Improvement in the Formulation of Compact                             Cities by Daniel Mabazza (U.P., Diliman) and Tohru Tamura (Hokkaido                             University, Japan)(Abstract)

 Impact of a Bus Rapid Transit System along Expressways in Metro Manila by                             Alexis Fillone, Chino Que, Caila Marcial, and Lorenzo Rabat (DLSU,                             Manila)(Abstract)

                            Mode Choice Analysis of Inter-Island Passenger Travel from Iloilo to Negro                             Occidental Philippines by Krister Ian Daniel Roquel and Alexis Fillone (DLSU,                             Manila)(Abstract)

                            Strategic Port Improvements and Maximization of the Benefits of RoRo Shipping                             Services in Southwestern Mindanao by Riches Bacero, Carlos Tan, and Charlie                             Fiebel (Louis Berger Group, Inc.)(Abstract)

                            Choice Analysis of Tourist Spots: The Case of Guimaras Province by Maria                             Katrina Ganzon and Alexis Fillone (DLSU, Manila)(Abstract)

                            The Impact of the Emergence of Low-Cost Carriers and Budget Flights by                             Frederick Nico Fabian, Young Gyun Jung, Kevin Andre Montealto, Harvin                             Adrian Yu and Grace Gueta (DLSU, Manila)(Abstract)

                            Session B: Traffic Engineering and Demand Management
                                               Chair: Engr. Lynn Madronna
                            Improved Transport Terminal Utilization: The Case of Jordan Wharf, Guimaras by                             Raymund Abad and Alexis Fillone (DLSU, Manila)(Abstract)

                            Creating Human-Based Sensory Networks through Crowdsourcing Techniques in                             Transportation Studies by Francis Aldrine Uy, Farkam Mohebbi (MIT, Manila),                             and Jocelyn Buluran (DLSU, Manila)(Abstract)
                            Assessment of Vehicle Speeds and Traffic Safety along Commonwealth Avenue by                             Hazel Maata, Jose Regin Regidor and John Michael Constantino (U.P.,                             Diliman)(Abstract)
                            The Impact of Abrupt Lane Reduction Due to Work Zones along                             EDSA-Magallanes Road Section by Nica Isabela Aguilar, Dave Wilbur Abril,                             Hisa Isibella Go, Paolo Ian Lucero and Alexis Fillone (DLSU, Manila)                             (Abstract)

                            A Study on the Health Risks of Motorcycle Riders in Manila West by Angie                             Arizapa, Jomar Ramos and Francis Aldrine Uy (MIT, Manila)(Abstract)

                            Comparison of On-street Parking Management in Ermita-Malate and Makati CBD                             by Judylyn Valdez, Mark Wesley Garcia, Ariane Bulactial, Federico Dizon and                             Grace Gueta (DLSU, Manila)(Abstract)

     15:30-16:00    Closing Ceremonies of the Annual Conference
                            Giving of Certificates
                            Awarding of Best Paper and Posters

                            Closing Remarks by Engr. Paul Nigel Villarete, General Manager, Mactan-Cebu                             Int'l Airport and Vice President of TSSP

     16:00-16:30    Coffee Break
     17:00-20:00    20th Founding Anniversary Program of the TSSP (Please see details below)

            Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Danielle Guillen and Dr. Francis Aldrine Uy


20th Founding Anniversary Program of the TSSP

      17:00-17:30    Opening Program
                             Message from Prof. Morichi to be delivered by Dr. Naohisa Okamoto

      17:30-17:45    Recognition of the Founding Members of the TSSP

      17:45-18:15    Short Messages from Each One of the Founding Members

      18:15-20:00    Cocktails

                   Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Danielle Guillen and Dr. Francis Aldrine Uy





Transportation Science Society of the Philippines


Conference Theme:
Taking the Sustainable Path: Convergence of Transport, Energy and Land Use

Date: September 28, 2012 (Friday)
Venue: Alona Kew Hotel, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

The Scientific Committee of the 20th Annual Conference of the TSSP is now accepting abstracts for paper presentation at the aforementioned conference. Studies related to the conference theme, as well as other topics related to transportation planning, transport and the environment, transportation economics, public and non-motorized transport, road traffic engineering, road safety, highway design and maintenance, and urban and land use planning are welcome for presentation. Awards will be given to exemplary papers that are very much related to this year's conference theme provided that the paper has gone through the usual review process, on-time submission of paper requirements, and presentation by the author during the Conference.

The goal of the conference is to promote an active exchange of ideas among transport academics, practitioners, policymakers and students. The conference also provides a venue to discuss burning issues on transportation in the Philippines, as well as in Asia. The conference also features renowned keynote speakers who will share their expertise and insights on the particular conference theme.

Abstracts should be limited to 300 words. Please include the title, names of all authors, full postal and email addresses and contact numbers of all the authors (Please see sample paper format). Please submit your abstract to Dr. Jun Castro, Chair of the Scientific Committee, at e-mail address:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 20, 2012
Notification of abstract acceptance: June 30, 2012
Deadline for submission of DRAFT full papers: July 31, 2012
Comments from reviewers/referees: August 15, 2012
Deadline for submission of FULL papers: September 15, 2012


Sample Abstract for the 20th TSSP Annual Conference

Paper Format for the 20th TSSP Annual Conference



Conference Theme: Climate-Proofing Transport Infrastructures and Services:
A New Approach to Disaster Risk Management

Date: August 20, 2010 (Friday)
Venue: Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Program of Activities

     8:00 - 9:00      Registration

     9:00 - 10:30    Opening Ceremony and Keynote Lecture
                           - National Anthem
                           - Invocation
                           - Welcome Remarks by Dr. Crispin Diaz, President, TSSP
                           - Introduction of the Keynote Speaker
                           - Keynote Lecture on "Possibility of CO2 Reduction in the Transport Sector using                              Market Mechanism" by Dr. Atsushi Fukuda, Nihon University, Japan

    10:30 - 10:45   Coffee Break

    10:45 - 12:30   Panel Discussion

                          Panel Discussants:
                          - USec. Ruben Reinoso, Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC)
                          - Dr. Cora Cruz, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
                          - Ms. Cathy Vidar, World Bank
                          - Dr. Mario de los Reyes, UP-SURP

    12:30 - 13:30   Lunch Break

                          - Induction of New Members
                          - Confirmation of Honorary Members
                          - Business Meeting
                            o President's Report
                            o Treasurer's Report

    13:30 - 14:45  Paper Presentations 1 (Session Chair: Dr. Alexis Fillone)
                         - Investigation of the Indoor Air Quality of Taxicabs (Atienza, D., de Leon, A.J., Pineda,                            C.J., Santiago, J.A., Sardoma, G.R., Anastacio, J., Belino, M.)
                         - The Role of Transportation Engineering in Disaster Management (Lacuarin, J.,                            Palmiano, H.S.)
                         - Introducing Congestion Pricing as a Key to Reducing Road Congestion (Jao, J., Lee,                            R.L., Tan, L.N.)
                         - Institutionalizing Transport Impact Assessment (Rendon, M.C., Lidasan, H.S., Agustin,                            N.A., Guarino, D.)
                         - Disaster-Risk Management in a Small Island Nation through Climate-Proofed Transport                            Infrastructure (Sapuay, S.)

    14:45 - 15:00 Coffee Break

    15:00 - 16:15 Paper Presentations 2 (Session Chair: Dr. Jun Castro)

                        - Determination of Passenger Car Unit Equivalence for Motorcycles: The Case of Metro                           Manila (Espenilla, N.N., Lim, N., Pique, G.M., Fillone, A.)
                        - The Impact of Organized Bus Route Scheme on City Bus Operation along EDSA                           (Cootauco, S., Hirayama, C.S., Fillone, A.)
                        - Traffic Flow Impact of Queuing of Public Utility Jeepneys at SM City Sta. Mesa                           (Labrador, C., Palma, R.J., Santiago, L.M.K, Torres, J., Muhi, M., Gaviola, N.)
                        - Impact of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway on the Movement of Selected                           Agricultural Goods in the Philippines (De Guia, H.J., Saldo, M.A., Fillone, A.)
                        - Assessment of Enforcement of NIPAS Law and Related Enforcement Instruments in                           Protected Area Planning and Development (Rostrata, M.P., Lidasan, H.S., Cal, P.)

    16:15 - 16:30 Closing Ceremony

                        - Best Presentation Award
                        - Giving of Certificates
                        - Closing Remarks by Dr. Alex Fillone, Conference Chair and Vice President, TSSP


Final Call for Papers: 18th ANNUAL CONFERENCE of the TSSP

Call for Papers: 18th ANNUAL CONFERENCE of the TSSP

Advanced Registration fo the 18th ANNUAL CONFERENCE of the TSSP

Sample of Abstract

Paper Format


Paper Presentation Guidelines

      I would like to gently reiterate the following guidelines for paper presentation:

       1) Each paper is given a 15-minute presentation time plus 5-minute discussion/question & answer            time. In total, 20 minutes are allocated for each presentation.
       2) Each presentor is required to prepare a Powerpoint presentation. Please save your PPT file in            a USB flash disk to facilitate data transfer. A computer and projector will be provided by the            conference organizers.
       3) Please use a minimum font size of 20 pts in your PPT presentation.

      Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Conference!

      best regards,

      Dr. Jun Castro
      Technical Committee


CD ISSN: 2012-3922

    Assessment of Jeepney in Terms of Ergonomics, Safety and Environmental Factors for     the Development of Specifications and Standards (108kb, .pdf)
    Riches S. BACERO, Karl N. VERGEL

    Analysis of Mode Switching Behavior of PUP Main Campus Students to Pasig River     Ferry Service (214kb, .pdf)
    Vilma Clemente, John Ivan Guevarra, Ryan Maynard Mazo, Manuel M. Muhi

    Development of a Knowledge-Based Expert System for Intersection Improvement
    (1316kb, .pdf)
    Mark P. DE GUZMAN, Ricardo G. SIGUA

    Emissions from the Land Transport Sector in the Philippines: Estimates and Policy     Implications (298kb, .pdf)
    Herbert FABIAN, Sudhir GOTA

    Probe Car Technique: Future of ITS in the Philippines (465kb, .pdf)
    Reigna Jewel Ritz M. Macababbad, Jose Regin F. Regidor

    Examining Accessibility in the Occurrence of Campus Crime (5383kb, .pdf)
    Alice Ross T. MORTA, Nathaniel P. HERMOSA II, Jun T. CASTRO

    Construction Environmental Monitoring of Transport Projects and its Relevance to     Climate Change (983kb, .pdf)
    Samuel Espino-SAPUAY


Payment may be done thru bank deposit to the following account:

Bank : Metrobank
Branch : Katipunan
Account Name : Transportation Science Society of the Philippines
Account Number : 093-3-09351236- 8
Account Type : Savings
Type of Currency : Philippine Pesos

To receive an official receipt, email a scanned copy of the transaction slip to
 , cc: and;
            or fax a copy of the transaction slip to +63-2-9958311 (Attention to Mr. Camilo Napone).
Be sure to indicate the address to where you would like to the receipt to be sent.

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Sample Paper Format

Call for Papers

17th Annual Conference of the Transportation Science Society of the Philippines


: Metro Manila
( Exact venue to be announced very soon)
September 4, 2009

            Important Dates:

             - Deadline of Abstract Submission                         : June 15, 2009
             - Notification of Abstract Acceptance                    : June 22, 2009
             - Deadline of Draft Paper Submission                    : July 22, 2009
             - Notification of Result of Draft Paper Review     : August 1, 2009
             - Deadline of Final Paper Submission                    : August 21, 2009

Please submit your Abstract (Sample Abstract) by email to the Technical Committee Chairman,      Dr. Jun Castro at or to the Conference Chairman, Dr. Edgar L. Dona at In case you wish to submit it by fax, you may also send it to (+63-2)-995-      8311, c/o Mr. Camilo Napone.

Annual Conference Proceedings of the TSSP
ISSN for the CD and Printed Copies

16th Annual Conference of the Transportation Science Society of the Philippines
Venue: SMX, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Metro Manila

September 19, 2008

Conference Theme:
Enhancing Public-Private Collaboration Towards an
Environment-Friendly Transportation System

     Time           Program of Activities (Final)

  8:00 - 8:30      Registration

  8:30 - 9:45      Opening Ceremony
                         Welcome Address by Dr. Crispin Emmanuel Diaz, TSSP President

                         Keynote Presentation by Dr. Primitivo C. Cal, Professor, School of Urban and                                                               Regional Planning

  9:50 - 10:00    Coffee Break

  10:00 - 12:00   Panel Discussion 
                          Invited panelists:
                          - Usec Anneli Lontoc, DOTC
                          - Usec. Manuel Bonoan, DPWH
                          - Mr. Ben Eijbergen, World Bank
                          - Mr. Ken Inoue, JICA
                          - Mr. Preben Nielsen, PEGR
                          - Engr. Rene Santiago, TSSP former president

                          Moderator: Mr. George Esguerra, immediate past president, TSSP

  12:00 - 12:45   Lunch Break

  12:45 - 14:45   Paper Presentations Session A

                          IMPRESSIONS OF BIGUEÑOS IN THE WORLD HERITAGE CITY OF                           VIGAN TOWARDS PEDESTRIANIZATION, Franklyn T. AMISTAD/Remedios                           Ralleta NAVARRO, University of Northern Philippines (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf )

                          PEDESTRIAN CROSSING SPEED MODEL USING MULTIPLE                           REGRESSION ANALYSIS, Mako C. DIZON/Nikko June S. Maranda/Lyvan G.                           DE PEDRO/Ma. Eugenia MANGUIAT, Polytechnic University of the Philippines                           (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

                          MODELING MOBILE TRAFFIC AGENTS ON NETWORK SIMULATION,                           Kardi TEKNOMO, Ateneo de Manila University (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

                          ESTIMATION AND MAPPING OF VEHICULAR TRAFFIC-INDUCED                           NOISE ALONG A. BONIFACIO AVENUE AND SUMULONG HIGHWAY                           IN MARIKINA CITY, Aileen U. MAPPALA/Sheila Flor T. DOMINGUEZ                           -JAVIER, UP SURP/UP NCTS (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

                          ASSESSMENT OF MODAL SHIFT AND INSTITUTIONS IN THE                           IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MARIKINA CITY BIKEWAYS, Krystel P.                           SORIANO/Karl N. Vergel/Sheila Flor T. Dominguez-Javier, UP Diliman                           (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

                          INVESTIGATION OF THE INTERIOR AIR QUALITY OF THE LIGHT RAIL                           TRANSIT TRAINS IN METRO MANILA, Carl Jason M. CORREA/Edward V.                           FILIPINAS/Anthony Glen A. OMPOC/Ralfh Allyson RAMOS/Manuel C.                           BELINO, Mapua Institute of Technology (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

   14:45 - 15:00  Coffee Break

   15:00 - 17:00  Paper Presentations Session B

                          FORECASTING INACCURACIES IN TRANSPORTATION PROJECTS IN                           SELECTED SOUTH EAST ASIAN COUNTRIES, Saksith                           CHALERMPONG/Nicanor ROXAS, Jr., Chulalongkorn University                           (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

                          A STUDY ABOUT THE DETERMINANTS OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION IN                           THE PHILIPPINES, Angelico COPO/Margarita ESQUEJO/Dawn                           GARCIA/Zsarmaine SARMIENTO, De La Salle University (Fullpaper, Abstract,                           .pdf)

                          ENHANCEMENT OF CAPACITY BUILDING ON TRANSPORT                           PLANNING AND TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT IN THE CONTEXT OF                           PHILIPPINE LOCAL CITIES: A NEEDS ASSESSMENT APPROACH, Ian C.                           ESPADA/Hussein S. LIDASAN/Mark Richmund M. DE LEON/Karen                           HULLEZA-LUNA, ALMEC/UP SURP (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

                          AN EXPLORATORY STUDY INTO THE DESIRED AMENITIES IN PUBLIC                           TRANSPORT TERMINALS BY CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT                           WORKERS, Konstantine KOH, Transportas Consulting (Fullpaper, Abstract,                           .pdf)

                          FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT OF RORO TRANSPORT SYSTEM IN THE                           PHILIPPINES FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF INTER-REGIONAL                           COMMODITY FLOW, Koji KOBUNE, Ides Inc. (Fullpaper, Abstract, .pdf)

  17:00 - 17:30   Closing Ceremonies
                          Closing Address by Dr. Cristela Goce-Dakila, TSSP Conference Chair

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Conference Papers during the
15th Annual Conference of the TSSP
December 7, 2007
Holiday Inn Galleria, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

     Paper 1     The State of Transportation Planning in Metro Cebu by F. Sanchez and L.            &nbation Infrastructure in Housing for the Informal Settler                       Families by J. T. G. Real (491kb, .pdf)
Paper 4     Media Strategies for Involving Public in Infrastructure Planning Process,                       Considering Lifestyle of Suburb Residents by T. Kin and S. Terabe (541kb, .pdf)      Paper 5     Development of Traffic Assignment Model for Policy Evaluation of Municipal                       Government by Y. Ito, S. Terabe and H. Uchiyama (694kb, .pdf)
     Paper 6     Planning for a Better Public Transport System to Combat Gridlock by L. Y.                       Pangilinan (292kb, .pdf)
     Paper 7     Cost and Policy Analysis of Hybrid LPG and Gasoline-Fed Taxis in Metro                       Manila by N. Doroy, R.Carreon, V. Maguigad, M. L. Pillorin and C. J. Penano                       (472kb, .pdf)
     Paper 8     Assessment of Tricycle System as an Access Mode for To-Work Trips in                       Metropolitan Areas: The Case of Quezon City by D. D. Garcia, M. L. C. Cleto,                       A. Ong, K. Sioson, M. Villanueva, and H. S. Lidasan (448kb, .pdf)
     Paper 9     A Study on Presumption Method for the Route Choice Set of Railway                       Passengers by H. Inahara, Y. Yamashita, H. Uchiyama and N. Hibino                       (1,821kb, .pdf)
     Paper 10   Level of Service and Degree of Saturation of Unsignalized Intersections Along                       Arterial Roads in Vigan City by F. T. Amistad, R. R. Navarro, and R. T. Tabunan                       (875kb, .pdf)
     Paper 11   Initial Investigation on Uncontrolled Loading and Unloading of Jeepneys and                       Buses Along Espana Boulevard Using Probe Car System and Its Impact to Fuel                       Consumption and Emission by F. A. A. Uy, E. B. Chan, O. C. Battad, and R. C.                       Musico (469kb, .pdf)
     Paper 12   Evaluating the Congestion Effects of the Pedestrianization of Avenida in the                       City of Manila by K. Koh, C. E. Diaz, and J. Perez (725kb, .pdf)

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Conference Papers during the
14th Annual Conference of the TSSP
25 - 26 August 2006, New Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City

      Keynote Lecture: International Development and Regional Cooperation: Regional and                                   Global Logistics by Dr. Hirohito Kuse, Professor, Tokyo University of                                    Marine Science & Technology (460kb, .pdf)

      14th TSSP Conference: Abstracts of Papers (275kb, .pdf)

      (Alphabetical Order by 1st Author)

      Paper 1     Effects of Trip Experience on Future Leisure Travel by M. Akamura, Y.                        Yamashita, N. Hibino, and H. Uchiyama (319kb, .pdf)
      Paper 2     Interior Air Quality Studies of Air-conditioned Surface Transportation in                        Manila by M. C. Belino, and E. G. Dela Cruz (293kb, .pdf)
      Paper 3     Ro/Ro Transport in the Philippines: Current Status and Issues by J. R. Bondoc                        and T. Azuma (984kb, .pdf)
      Paper 4     Welfare Implications of Alternative Transport Infrastructure Improvements in                        Mindanao vis-a-vis the Rest-of-the-Philippines: A Multi-Region General                        Equilibrium Approach by C. Goce-Dakila and S. Mizokami (356kb, .pdf)
      Paper 5     Analyzing the Impact of Improving Port Facilities in Remote Islands on their                        Economic Development by C. E. D. Diaz (524kb, .pdf)
      Paper 6     Transport Mode Choice Models for Metro Manila and Urban Transport
Policy Applications by A. M. Fillone, C. M. Montalbo Jr., and N. C. C. Tiglao                        (552kb, .pdf)
      Paper 7     A Study on Narita Airport Access Trip Based on International Air Transport                        Census Survey by S. Hayama, Y. Yamashita, and H. Uchiyama (1,069kb, .pdf)
      Paper 8     Some Obeservations of the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Routes in Metro                        Manila Based on LTFRB Records by K. Koh and G. C. Avengoza
                       (2,750kb, .pdf)
      Paper 9     Using Graph-Theoretic Measures in Analyzing Philippine Local Airline                        Network by D. L. Mabazza (1,484kb, .pdf)
      Paper 10   Rationalizing the Subsidy in Mass Rail Transits: The Case of Mass Rail                        Transit Line 3 in Manila by R. Morales-Mariano (523kb, .pdf)
      Paper 11   The Study about a Strategy of Global Container Terminal Operators by T. Mori
      Paper 12   Development of Bulk Shipping and Corn Logistics System: A Case Study of                        Southern Mindanao Corn by T. Nagaya, I. C. Espada, V. L. M. Sison, K.                        Kumazawa, and M. R. M. De Leon (1,271kb, .pdf)
      Paper 13   Mindanao Road Network Analysis: Evaluating Road Network Connectivity of                        Mindanao's Capitals and Major Cities by A. F. Perez, F. K. Vestal, and D.                        Mabazza (1,024kb, .pdf)
      Paper 14   A Method of Predicting Travel Time in Congested Traffic Flow by Bayesian                        Statistics by M. Rokutan, M. Konagai, M. Kasai, and H. Uchiyama (534 kb, .pdf)
      Paper 15   Truck Overloadin Redux: Diagnostics and Rx in Three Es by R. S. Santiago                        (802kb, .pdf)

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